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Gorilla Theory
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The Gorilla Theory Book
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 The first Gorilla Theory book 'The Art of Avoiding Project Delivery Disasters' is a self-help manual for project management professionals, entrepreneurs, students and workers alike.

The book changes the perception of project management in that EVERYBODY is a project manager and can be more aware of their responsibilities and the interactions and dynamics of their project team members. For start-ups and entrepreneurs, Gorilla Theory will help you be more organised and launch smoother and with more money and time saved. Execution is EVERYTHING!

If you want to be better at planning your tasks and projects, want to make sure that the projects you are involved in do not head in to disaster and crash and burn (you or your business or family), then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

Jargon-free, the book uses common sense and plain speaking to outline what you should do and how to be more aare and more in tune with your project and your project team.

Case studies and simple step plans that ANYBODY can implement, and find out about the '3 'i's in D.I.S.C.I.P.I.N.E.

Limited edition print run with collector's item stickers.

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