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Gorilla Theory
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The Start-Up Checklists
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Being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK. This needs to be emphasised. Being a successful entrepreneur is even harder work. Effective planning may be seen as boring, but it cannot be escaped, and can greatly help move you along the path to stability and profitability.

The checklists for start-ups are intended to help you get your new business off the ground and to manage yourself and the many projects involved in running a young business. Visualise the projects you are working on and then categorise it as either a baby gorillas or a silverback. If you have multiple projects, you have a troop of gorillas on your hands. This will help you have a view on your workload or the responsibilities you have.


Take some time to think about your workload and what you need to get done. List all your projects as a starting point.

In particular, this zip file contains the checklists:

1. Getting the scope Right: project-brainstorm.docx

2. Controlling Your Meetings: getting-started.docx

3. Keeping Tabs on Progress: daily-check-in.docx

4. Task Status: progress-milestones.docx




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