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Gorilla Theory
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The 'All About Me' Checklists
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These checklists focus on you. Improve your performance for any project.

These checklists focus on your self-awareness and your own performance on a project. They are intended to help you to visualise your role, what you should be doing, and to ensure that you are aware what your team members expect of you. Gorilla Theory emphasises that the project leader and your team members should all have a clear idea of their role and of what the project needs.

These checklists focus on the person. Pay particular attention to the checklist that concentrates on discipline - without the discipline, Gorilla Theory's full benefits will not be realised. 

The checklists are to be used in addition to any process in place that you already use or that your employer uses.

This zip file contains the checklists:

1. Ask How You Are Performing: (how-am-i-doing.docx)

2. What To Do On a New Project: (just-been-assigned.docx)

3. Project Status and To-Do Awareness: (my-awareness-checklist.docx)

4. Emotional Intelligence: (my-ei-checklist.docx)

5. Making Sure I am Consistent - Warning Time: (my-discipline.docx)

You can print these off or use the checklists digitally for consistent reference.


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