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Gorilla Theory
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The Gorilla Theory Checklists
“Risk is not knowing what you're doing.”
Warren Buffet

The checklists are designed to complement the insight and guidance outlined in the book. They are to be used as regular reference points and checkpoints to keep you and your project on track, helping to improve the awareness and vigilance and pro-activity needed to make the good habits espoused in Gorilla Theory stick.

The checklists are broken down into three groups:

 The first Gorilla Theory...
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These checklists focus on you....
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The checklists for Project vigilance...
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  Being an entrepreneur is HARD...
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The Gorilla Theory Checklists are Suitable For:

Project Management
Creative Services Management & Professionals
Creative and Technical Production
Marketing Campaigns
Office Administration
Resource Management
Budget Tracking
Film Productions
Clinical Trials Project Management
Process efficiency implementation and management
Operations Management
And more...

The Checklists are Suitable For You:

If you are the designer
If you are the developer
If you are the PM/Producer
If you are the client handler/account manager
If you are a key stakeholder
If you are the business owner or project sponsor
If you are the client (and you want to understand the project and it's delivery better)
The checklists will evolve over time as Gorilla Theorists continually monitor as many nuances of a project as possible to bring about the most effective checklists.
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The Baby Gorilla
The Baby Gorilla Project Management Scenario
They may seem harmless at first, but they are stronger than they seem and they can quickly overpower you.
The Troop
The Troop of Gorillas Project Management Scenario
Several projects on the go? Worried about how to cope successfully? Find out how.
The Silverback
The Silverback Gorilla Project
The big beast of a project. Find out how to know you have one, and how to avoid being crushed by the sheer power. Learn to tame one.