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The Gorilla Theory Book
How is Gorilla Theory Different to Other Project Management Books?

“The art of project delivery is about ensuring that the people, systems, processes and structures and approaches are managed effectively across all work streams to deliver great work. It’s not a job for the faint hearted, but core to this success is the ability to manage people, underpinned by strong digital and operational knowledge.”
Marc van den Berg, Head of Delivery at OgilvyOne UK

The Gorilla Theory project management book is one that tries to de-mystify project management. The book is NOT just for specialist project management or change management profesionals, but for all types or worker or business person or entrepreneur.

Do not be put off by the use of the term project manager or its equivalents in the book. In the Gorilla Theory world a project manager is a loose term expanded to include any person involved in the delivery of a task project. Thus, in addition to a specialist project manager, a designer, programmer, account manager, accountant, general office worker, business owner and multiple other roles can be viewed as a project manager in terms of what they need to produce, oversee or what they have a stake in seeing delivered.

The Gorilla Theory Project Management Book

The Gorilla Theory Project Management Book for the Amazon Kindle

Praise for the Gorilla Theory Project Management Book

“Gorilla Theory addresses the dire need for structured, actionable, practical guidance in project management - Henry does a great job of breaking down an ambiguous topic into manageable advice, providing tremendous insight as well as helpful examples that in a way that will make the great project professionals even better, and help the rest perform far better in any project they are involved with.

This indispensable guide to project management has arrived not a moment too soon.”

Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk (www.odesk.com)

“I'm halfway through the book and am enjoying the matter completely. Much of what you preach will be my soap box and has been for some time. Brilliant!”
R Clark, Project Manager, USA

How Will the Gorilla Theory Project Management Book Help Me?

Gorilla Theory will certainly help you understand the pressures and working environment of an actual project manager or the person who leads projects in your team or workplace, and create (I hope) an empathy for your fellow project team members. It will pay dividends in working relationships and better performing project delivery processes if you become more familiar with how to a project manager works and how to avoid disasters.

Gorilla Theory works because it focuses on you and your team members, helping you become more aware and proactive in managing yourself and your projects.

The Gorilla Theory Book for the Amazon Kindle

The checklists are designed to complement the insight and guidance outlined in the book. They are to be used as a regular reference point and checkpoint to help improve the awareness and vigilance and pro-activity needed to make the good habits espoused in Gorilla Theory stick.

The checklists are broken down into three groups of lists:

For you
Get The Personal Management Gorilla Theory Checklists
For your projects
Get The Project Management Gorilla Theory Checklists
For start-ups/new product launches
Get The Start-Up Gorilla Theory Checklists

The Gorilla Theory book is suitable for:

Project Managers
Project team members
Creative (designers, art directors)
Senior Managers
Start-Up Founders / members
Technical (incl. programmers, developers, technical / systems support)
Office administrators
Budget Tracking
Operations Management
And more...

The Baby Gorilla
The Baby Gorilla Project Management Scenario
They may seem harmless at first, but they are stronger than they seem and they can quickly overpower you.
The Troop
The Troop of Gorillas Project Management Scenario
Several projects on the go? Worried about how to cope successfully? Find out how.
The Silverback
The Silverback Gorilla Project Scenario
The big beast of a project. Find out how to know you have one, and how to avoid being crushed by the sheer power. Learn to tame one.