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Gorilla Theory FAQ
How is Gorilla Theory Different to Other Project Management Books?

“Only Ponzi schemes should depend on confidence!”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, (Author of 'Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world', Harvard Business Review)

General Questions

What is Gorilla Theory?
When Should I use Gorilla Theory for a Project?
I’m Not a Project Manager. Can Gorilla Theory Help Me?
Is Gorilla Theory Only for Technology Businesses and Technology Professionals?
What Are The Checklists For?
Is Gorilla Theory Only Suitable for Small Businesses?
Is There a Gorilla Theory App/Software?
Are There Gorilla Theory Training Courses?

What is Gorilla Theory?
Gorilla Theory is a new set of principles that aims to help anybody involved with or managing a project to better understand their role in the project and to be more adept at handling their tasks and workload, and managing the project’s delivery, and being more alert for the issues that may arise in any project. It works as a framework that relies upon checklists and personal check gateways, ensuring that the constituents of a project never are defined as correctly as possible (from project initiation to 'when needed') and do not get too out of control in a project that is already underway.

By focusing on the perspectives of both the official project leader and the project team members, Gorilla Theory brings a greater focus on individual responsibility and collective effort; the human relationships are key.

In terms of projects and workload of tasks, Gorilla Theory categorises and visualises them as:
  • Small Projects - Baby Gorilla scenario
  • Multiple Projects - Troop of Gorillas scenario
  • Large Projects / Programme of Work - The Silverback scenario
Gorilla Theory is founded on the core principles of:
  • Discipline
  • Awareness
  • Communications
  • Vigilance
  • People Skills
Gorilla Theory promotes a greater focus on the above principles as well as a promoting improved emotional intelligence and people skills in order to bring about a combination of:

(a) Greater project management control
(b) Smoother delivery of projects due to improved intra project team dynamics and relationships.

Gorilla Theory does not rely upon or promote any of the established project and or quality management control frameworks such as Prince2, Agile, Waterfall or SixSigma. Instead, Gorilla Theory potentiates any of them, sitting as a complimentary layer above these established methodologies.

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The Gorilla Theory Principles

When Should I use Gorilla Theory for a Project?
You can use Gorilla Theory at any time in a project or task. Whenever you take stock of what the project or tasks are that you are delivering, you can utilise the Gorilla Theory principles to ensure smooth delivery. The first step is to understand exactly what needs to be done and to define any potential pitfalls/issues, as well as ensuring you know what the expectations are. The Gorilla Theory Project Checklists are used for this purpose and are applicable at any point in a project delivery.

I’m Not a Project Manager. Can Gorilla Theory Help Me?
YES. Gorilla Theory is based upon the real experiences of project managers and is intended to provide behaviours and skills that can be used by a wide range of people in different types of professional sector and even in personal or domestic projects. Gorilla Theory has core principles that are enforced by way of checklists. The core principles or the checklists do not need you to have any previous background as a project manager, or for you to have studied project management, or for you to be working in the technology sector. The book and the checklists should be easy to follow. A lot of the case study information has been gathered from professionals in the technology sector, but don't let that put you off. Gorilla Theory should be just as valuable to you whether you are intending to be the new Mark Zuckerberg (a technology entrepreneur), the next Theo Paphitis (a traditional retail entrpreneur), or a student planning their final project or exam revision schedule, or a for a couple planning a major holiday. Gorilla Theory intends to be profession, delivery methodology, and sector agnostic.

Is Gorilla Theory Only for Technology Businesses and Technology Professionals?
Gorilla Theory has been created to be able to help students and professionals in a broad variety of industries. It is not just for technology business and technology professionals. The main principles of Gorilla Theory can be applied across industries. The founder of Gorilla Theory has a technology background (a former developer and technical project manager)

What Are The Checklists For?
The checklists are used to support the user in working as part of a project team or being the project manager responsible for a project's delivery. The checklists are a series of relevant questions and action points intended for regular checking by the user. How regular? Each checklist will advise how regular it should be used, but this is left to the user to decide what is best for them.

Is Gorilla Theory Only Suitable for Small Businesses
No. The principles of Gorilla Theory and the framework it provided for the project leader(s), the project team members and senior management, can be easily applied to large businesses and enterprise organisations. In some cases, Gorilla Theory can be of more help to a larger business where it is easier for a focus on people skills and dynamic vigilance to be lost in large company processes and the greater drive for profits are paramount.

Gorilla Theory helps to puts in place in a start-up or small business the good habits that can help the company grow or to stabilise.

Is There a Gorilla Theory App/Software?
Not yet, but lookout for the first Gorilla Theory mobile and web apps by Autumn 2012. They will largely be an interactive extension of the checklists. To keep updated on app releases, subscribe to Gorilla Theory newsletters.

Are There Gorilla Theory Training Courses?
Not yet, but we are designing courses with our excellent HR and Management Consultant partners to give the most effective on-the-job workshops and training to interested businesses and groups. Consultations are available so please do Get in Contact to let us know what help you need.

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The Baby Gorilla
They may seem cute and simple at first, but they are stronger than they seem and can quickly overwhelm you with their demands.
The Troop
Several projects on the go? Worried about how to cope successfully? Find out how.
The Silverback
The big beast of a project. Find out how to know you have one, and how to avoid being crushed by their sheer size and power. Learn to tame one.