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Gorilla Theory is a set of principles that supports a project team; from the people who desire the end result, to the project leader / manager, and the people involved in delivering the end result of the project. In the case of a start-up, sometimes all the above groups can be one person or the people who start a new company - doing everything to deliver a new product or service.

Start-up founders and members tend to focus on and be more excited on the business or product idea - this is very understandable. However, in the rush to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, the next cool restaurant, hardware product, or the next Instagram or mass user social app, planning and awareness of the pitfalls that await in getting to product or service readiness.

The passion and excitement for launching is a great lubricant for greasing the wheels that need to be in constant motion for a start-up, but to neglect planning and awareness will make your job harder. At best, good planning and awareness can ensure timely delivery and saving or efficient use of your starting budget - in these touch economic times, saving money is a must, no matter how much cash you have in your starting budget.

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Gorilla Theory For Start-ups

Gorilla Theory has a specific set of checklists to help start-up founders and members to keep their projects on track.

Investors look at two things, first the idea or the product, then the leadership team. The mix has to be right. If the idea is great, it is never going to turn into something if the founders are not real entrepreneurs. As a founder you have to have industry knowledge but also management skills. You have to have absolute believe in your product in order to convince someone else. If there is any doubt, it only means one thing: the product/idea is not ready yet. That means you have to go back to your drawing board and work on it.
Daniel Mattes, CEO and founder of Jumio, Co-Founder of JaJah

Gorilla Theory helps start-ups to be aware of risks and issues in their new business and to think widely as to what they need, what needs to be done, and why you are doing it in the first place.

For start-ups/new product launches
The Start-Up Checklists Help With:
The Start-up beginning (what's the big idea?)
Brainstorming what is needed
Regular checking-in
Progress and milestones
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Start-up Tips: Managing Meetings
Passion and determination and a single-minded focus are all very important for a start-up and young business. The early days can seem like a whirlwind and usually have little structure. This is fine, but you can be so much more efficient at progressing if meetings are more productive.

In the early set-up says, it may seem like you are always having meetings of some sort. These meetings can be wasted if a proper agenda is not set and follow-up actions and responsibilities are not defined and agreed upon. There is no way to make meeting planning sound sexy in any way, but it is essential in order to bring about sexy progress. Not planning and closing and followin-up meetings leads to lost and poorly defined insipration, deadlines, roles and responsibilities and in may cases, this means some meetings are repeated - and more time wasted.

TAKE ACTION - PLAN:  (1) Define a meeting agenda before a meeting - be sure the meeting is necessary and who are the necessary attendees; (2) Circulate the agenda before the meeting and make sure as well as you can that the necessary attendees view the agenda; (3) Repeate the agenda at the meeting beginning and define a time limit, re-iterate the desired outcomes of the meetings (what MUST be covered and then how you will follow-up the meeting at close); (4) Make sure to take as comprehensive notes on the meeting as you can or as is necessary.

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