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Gorilla Theory Meeting Organiser
Useful Tools and Software
Does Gorilla Theory Need The Use of Any Tools?


This section will be used to highlight useful tool that will help people to be better organised with their tasks and projects as well as to better manage their time and project team managers.

All the suggestions are tools and applications that promote and help use of the Gorilla Theory principles. We only suggest tools that promote the 5 key Gorilla Theory principles and the D.I.C.E action plan (check the FAQ for more details).
Tempo Tracker
Tempo Tracker - Decision Management Software
Decision Management Software
Tempo Tracker is a tool inspired by experiences being involved in bad projects where bad decisions were made, important decisions were made late (or not at all). Decisions are all important to a project and a business.

Tempo Tracker democratizes decision making in a project and a business. It has a pure focus on the plain English of decisions - no distractions.

Because decisions need to be transparent and the decision makers need to bemade aware of their responsibilities. Everybody needs to know the status of decisions.

How to get it?
Tempo Tracker is a cloud-based decision management solution. Register for an account (solo user or a team of decsion managers) at the URL www.tempotracker.com.
The Gorilla Theory Meeting Organiser
The Gorilla Theory Meeting Organiser
Easy Meeting Arrangement
If you are on the go or networking or have a bright idea you can easily create a meeting with the version 1 Meeting Organiser.

The app contains useful Gorilla Theory tips on having effective meetings and on enhancing your people skills. When you need to create a meeting, go to the Orgnaiser tab and enter the details of the meeting, add your meeting invitees and set a time and date and then send. Simple as that. The app sends a HTML invite and stores the meeting in your native calendar. The invitee can add the meeting to the calendar of their choice (Outlook, outlook.com, Google Calendar etc) from the invite.

Because sometimes you need to quickly create a meeting and send to invites without logging in to a system or syncing. It just works.

How to get it?

The Android App CLICK HERE >>
The Humble Notepad
The Humble Notepad
Yes - Seriously!
You may be more comfortable taking notes directly into your laptop or desktop or tablet - or even your smartphone, but note taking should underpin any meeting or brainstorming you do. Excellent as your memory may be, you may forget the context or subtle - yet hugely important - details.

Importance of the Notepad - Meetings
Studies report that the average employee loses nearly one DAY per week in unproductive meeting time (SmartDraw Software survey).

Why? Because in most meetings no one takes notes and even if they do no one assigns tasks in a way that encourages accountability.
The Start-Up Checklists Help With:
The Start-up beginning (what's the big idea?)
Brainstorming what is needed
Regular checking-in
Progress and milestones
Get The Start-Up Gorilla Theory Checklists

The Baby Gorilla
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The Troop
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The Silverback
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