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Gorilla Theory is a set of principles that will guide people involved in a project as to how best to work with their team members and within their chosen delivery methodology (or lack thereof) to avoid common project delivery problems, and to have a more efficient delivery function.

All members of a project team are important and can at various stages of a project view themselves managing the delivery of part of the project. Gorilla Theory is useful for every member of a project team and for business owners and even the customer who is waiting on the delivery.

Gorilla Theory is accessible to all project team members and workers. Harness the power of teamwork and learn to be more aware of the needs of your project.

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Decision Management
Gorilla Theory Is a framework with tools. Our first is a Decision Management tool called Tempo Tracker. Tempo Tracker allows anybody in a project team to manage their key decisions. Keep an accurate decision log.

You do not have to be a specialist project manager to benefit from Tempo Tracker.

Methodology Vs Personality
This so-called ‘Generation Y’ and Web 2.0 time is defined by social dynamics and likeability. Gorilla Theory terms this the ‘L Economy’. If you are trying to deliver a product or service and you ignore the influence and currency of the L Economy, you will not have a smooth ride.

Gorilla Theory brings a focus on people skills, emphasising the need for more effective working relationships with your team members for the greater good of delivering your project.
The Baby Gorilla
They may seem cute and simple at first, but they are stronger than they seem and can quickly overwhelm you with their demands.
The Troop
Several projects on the go? Worried about how to cope successfully? Find out how.
The Silverback
The big beast of a project. Find out how to know you have one, and how to avoid being crushed by their sheer size and power. Learn to tame one.